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Use the kybun mat to make housework fun
The soft, springy kybun mat allows you to stand up while carrying out activities that are normally done while sitting down. Whether you’re working on the computer, ironing or watching TV, the kybun mat enables you to exercise without taking up any additional time. The soft, flexible springy mat trains muscles, releases tension and improves posture. Integrate the kybun mat into your everyday routine and discover how much fun exercise can be.

There’s nothing comfier than a kybun shoe
Enjoy walking on air at home with half-open kybun shoes. Kybun shoes weren’t made for walking; you float on a soft, springy, honeycomb of air cushioning. Every step momentarily launches you into a state of weightlessness. kybun shoes take the strain off your back, strengthen your muscles and are kind on your joints. The ideal everyday shoe is made with permeable netting to allow your feet to breath. It is possible to remove and adjust the heel straps, allowing you to wear three different versions for wear and simply slip the shoe on and off.

Effects of the kybun mat and the kybun shoe

  • Strengthens your muscles
  • Releases tension
  • Improves posture
  • Increases general fitness
  • Decreases fatigue
  • Can help relieve back pain
  • Relieves strain on joints

Customer testimonials

Hans-Peter Schmid from Zurich, Switzerland

Hans-Peter Schmid from Zurich, Switzerland

The kyBoot has many benefits including those that can be enjoyed by everyone else too – fully sighted or not. The kyBoot is wonderfully soft when walking and it absorbs impacts and vibrations.

Angie Papadimitriou from Greece

Angie Papadimitriou from Greece

Walking on the most beautiful trail with the best shoes the reward is tremendous.

Hans-Peter Schmid from Zurich, Switzerland

Hans-Peter Schmid from Zurich, Switzerland

Last autumn after a half-marathon I developed severe muscle stiffness and also tendonitis. I was in quite a lot of pain when I walked. The amount of pain was significantly reduced and that’s largely down to the kybun shoe. If I ever had to wear normal shoes it was very uncomfortable. I was desperate for my kybun shoes. You really have to try them out and feel it for yourself to know what I’m talking about. It never ceases to amaze me how you can offset and reduce pain in the musculoskeletal system.

Lifestyle media reports about kybun

torstaina 26. kesäkuuta 2008Sendung "Lifestyle" besucht kybun Tower.

Sendung "Lifestyle" besucht kybun Tower.

Die Lifestyle Moderatorin Patricia Boser hat Claudio Minder im kybun Tower besucht. Dabei hat sie den kyBounder getestet und sich im kybun Büro herumgeschaut.[lisää]

tiistaina 15. huhtikuuta 2008kybun: Gesund stehen für den Rücken.

kybun: Gesund stehen für den Rücken.

Schmerzen in der Wirbelsäule haben vielfältige Ursachen. Das Bewegungsprogramm Kybun bringt den Körper wieder ins Lot und bringt ihn mit sanftem Training in die gesunde Bewegung zurück.[lisää]

keskiviikkona 12. maaliskuuta 2008Entspannung für Standhafte

Entspannung für Standhafte

«Auf weichem Federboden» stehen statt auf dem Fussboden, mit «ausbalancierter Körperhaltung», ein Gefühl, «als bewege man sich auf weichem Gras, Moos oder Sand». So wird der «KyBounder» angepriesen....[lisää]

keskiviikkona 10. lokakuuta 2007"kybun" holt die Leute von ihren Sitzen

"kybun" holt die Leute von ihren Sitzen

Das idyllische Roggwil im Thurgau hat neben dem Schloss und zwei Kirchen ein modernes architektonisches Wahrzeichen erhalten: den kybun Tower. Er ist Hauptsitz einer innovativen Firma, die mit einem...[lisää]