kybun products for a more active and dynamic workplace

The revolutionary kybun movement concept is a simple way to improve workplace ergonomics.

Exercising while standing upright on the springy elastic kybun mat is the healthy alternative to sitting passively. The springy elastic structure of the mat subtly keeps the foot and leg muscles in constant activity in order to maintain balance and posture. What’s more, combining the kybun mat with a standing desk is an important part of health management. A comfortable workplace increases motivation and employee satisfaction and reduces sick leave absences.

kybun shoes are particularly well-suited for workers who spend long hours standing or are constantly on the go. This newcomer to the world of shoes features unique walk-on-air soles. The soft air cushion supports joints and releases tension in the back and neck. kybun shoes provide comfortable shock absorption and are incredibly comfortable, even after hours of wear.

Benefits and effect:

  • Relaxes and loosens the muscles
  • Improves posture
  • Can act as an effective measure against back pain
  • Decreases fatigue
  • Work more efficiently thanks to the combination of both a physical and mental workout
  • Increases creativity and learning ability
  • Improves general fitness without taking up any extra time
  • Puts a spring in your step

Information about our products

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kybun Shoe 
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kybun Mat 
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Opinions/customer testimonials

Dr. Konnikov, dental expert on the Russian TV station Channel 1

Dr. Konnikov, dental expert on the Russian TV station Channel 1

The workload in the medical profession is high, and we are constantly on our feet. That is why I decided to wear the kybun Swiss air-cushion shoe to work. It relieves my joints and enables me to spend more time on my feet without making me feel tired or uncomfortable.  Thanks to the special soles, it feels like I am walking on air!

Roberto Rendo, dentist, La Spezia, Italy

Roberto Rendo, dentist, La Spezia, Italy

I have suffered from upper and lower back pain for a long time now. Due to the nature of my work, you could say I’m ‘chained’ to the dental chair for more than eight hours a day. I have to bend over the patients I’m treating, meaning my back muscles are always tense. I came to a turning point at age 60, when a physiatrist friend of mine advised me to wear kybun shoes. It was the solution to almost all of my postural problems. Taking a walk in my new kybun shoes is worth more to me than a session with an osteopath or an hour of Pilates! Aside from the wonderful feeling of walking on a cloud, my posture instantly rebalances and my back pain slowly disappears. I’m so happy with them that I bought one pair for the hospital where I work, another for my private practice, a sportier pair for spring and a winter pair for rainy days. Now I can’t get along without them. I also wanted to give a pair to my brother, who is an officer in the Carabinieri. He has had several operations for badly herniated vertebral discs. He was also very happy and satisfied with this new approach, after having tried many alternative therapies. But all these words are a waste of time ... you need to try them to understand the comfort, quality and therapeutic properties! You have to try them to believe it! Thank you, kybun. I will always be grateful to you. I will only buy kybun shoes!

Patrick Odermatt, Workshop manager at MP Garage in Au, Switzerland

Patrick Odermatt, Workshop manager at MP Garage in Au, Switzerland

Peter, my boss, has worn kyBoot shoes for five or six years. He told me to try the shoes out. After that I got myself a pair that suited me well straight from the start.

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